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Doing what you like is freedom, loving what you do is happiness ♥

"To be strong is to understand weakness. To be weak is to have fears. To have fears is to have something precious to you. To have something precious to you is to be strong." - Tablo

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What you didn’t know about Wu Yifan [part 2]


So I decided to translate this due to popular demand and this is part 2(the last part) to part 1 which can be read here if you haven’t already. I skipped out a few bits (like 2) cause i wasn;t sure how to translate it to english, but i read it and it wasn’t too important so i decided to omit it.

Just a heads up, i separated the paragraphs according to the original post so because the post has visuals and some parts you will need to see the photos for my trans not to sound like an awkward piece of shit, zoom into the picture and keep working your way down in order of these pictures:  [ 1 ], [ 2 ], [ 3 ]  (or else you’re going to be like: …..??? ummmmm alright then)

Verryyyy long text post ahead its like nearly 1.5k words long, so read if you want

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268/500 exo airport appearance

Luhan was really happy and wanted to get a picture with David Beckham. Just when he got his manager’s approval, he was told that Beckham had already left…

cr: 中国娱乐报道官微

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Recently, a lot of unfortunate events have happened, I hope that the whole world will come together, and pray for peace.


Lay during the acceptance speech when EXO won Asia’s Most Influential Group at the 18th China Music Awards in Macau (23/4/14)

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